Lithium Orotate Powder For Cancer Treatment

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Lithium Orotate Powder is very effective for various types of cancer treatment, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, brain tumor, liver cancer, leukemia and many other types of cancer. Most of the patients are prescribed Lithium Orotate in conjunction with chemotherapy. The most popular form of Lithium Orotate is Lithium Carbonate.

The name Lithium Orotate is derived from the Greek word “Rito” which means on that means rotate. In other words, Lithium Carbonate is the generic term for Lithium Orotate powder.

Lithium Carbonate is a white, crystal like powder and it is frequently used as a filler or bolus for the infusion of intravenous fluids. However, Lithium Carbonate is highly soluble and the hydrochloride salt can be easily aspirated into the blood stream. As such, Lithium Carbonate Powder is not recommended for human oral intake, although the granules can be passed through the gums and the throat with ease.

Lithium is a natural constituent of bones, teeth, nails, cartilage, sweat, hair and nails. It has also been found to be in the normal human body with normal levels throughout the body. Therefore, the higher the doses of Lithium Orotate are, the more Lithium one requires.

L-Leucine is the essential amino acid needed for the synthesis of Lithium Orotate, and this is done by the body when the cells have sufficient supply of Leucine. Thus, when sufficient Leucine is available in the body, sufficient levels of L-Leucine can be absorbed. Since the amino acid levels in the body change with the age, the body naturally produces lesser amounts of L-Leucine, and this is known as deficiency of L-Leucine.

Since the body is able to produce less than its required amount of L-Leucine, Lithium Orotate Powder helps in increasing the Leucine levels. The increased Leucine levels in the body increases the requirement for Lithium Orotate Powder.

When there is insufficient supply of Leucine in the body, L-Leucine is used instead of Leucine. Therefore, it is only recommended for those who need to take Lithium Orotate in conjunction with chemotherapy.

It has been found that in most cases, people who use Lithium Orotate in combination with chemotherapy are required to take larger doses of L-Leucine in order to get their needed amount of Leucine. This is due to the fact that the bigger doses of L-Leucine are required in order to give the body the required Leucine.

The potency of Lithium Orotate powder in treating cancer is higher than that of Lithium Oxide. The reason is that Lithium Oxide cannot be absorbed by the human body, therefore it needs to be combined with Lithium Oxide powder.

Since Lithium Oxide cannot be absorbed, it needs to be combined with Lithium Oxide Powder. The mixture of Lithium Oxide Powder is usually placed in a small syringe and injected into the bloodstream.

Normally, the combination of Lithium Oxide Powder results in a person to develop swelling of the lymph nodes and the testicles. The swelling helps in accelerating the killing of cancer cells by the immune system.

Tumors may appear in different parts of the body at different times. Tumors also grow at different times and people may notice that they have gotten bigger or smaller in size. Since this happens naturally, people can be sure that if they take Lithium Orotate Powder along with chemotherapy, the cancer will not recur.

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